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Empowering a new generation of option traders

Built by traders for traders

Why us

Carefuly crafted tools ready to use for BTC/ETH options trading

Metrics, analytics, and strategies simulator for option traders

Unleash your inner quant

Use Analytics Toolbox to get the most relevant options statistics and make informed decisions

Get more results faster

Use Strategy Toolbox to compare different strategies on real data and choose the right one

Increase chances for profit

Use Probability Of Profit calculator, PnL charts, and other crucial metrics to increase your gains

Need a trading data charts to complement your insights?

On btcoptions.io you get charts and examples, including detailed analysis of all crucial metrics, at your fingertips

  • Perfect for retail BTC/ETH option traders
  • Made for both beginner and experienced traders
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A must have BTC/ETH options trading toolbox

Crafted for retail crypto investors, even without coding or statistics backgrounds

  • Excel in analyzing both simple and complex strategies
  • Increase your knowledge level
  • Build a strong options trading foundation
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Are you ready to move faster?

Key features

Create your own trading experience. btcoptions.io is a go-to simulation toolbox that includes adaptable trading strategies and important metrics, plus new ones each month

% of BTC/ETH > Sk

for every strike price selected

Probability Of Profit

calculated for every strategy

% of BTC/ETH > X$

calculated for every expiration date

40+ strategies

with all important metrics calculated

Rules to follow

and things to be avare of when trading a specific strategy

Profit and Loss

chart and max & min profits calculated for every strategy

Complete features at your hand

Take advantage of the limited-time promo and choose btcoptions.io toolbox as your go-to option trading resource

*We do not offer trading advice, only technical support related to the application